*A post for the MEN*

123“…..But there is an even deeper issue than our question. What else is it we are seeking from the Woman with the Golden Hair? What is that ache we are trying to assuage with her? Mercy, comfort, beauty, ecstasy —in a word,  God. I’m serious. What we are looking for is God.

There was a time when Adam drank deeply from the source of all Love. He -our first father and archetype – lived in an unbroken communion with the most captivating, the most beautiful, and intoxicating Source of life in the universe. Adam had God. True, it was not good for man to be alone, and God in his humility gave us Eve, allowed us to need her as well. But something happened at the Fall, something shifted. Eve took the place of God in man’s life. Let me explain.

Adam was not deceived by the serpent. Paul makes it clear in 1 Timothy 2:14 – Adam did not fall because he was deceived His sin was different, in some ways, it was more serious in that he did it with open eyes. We do not know how long it lasted, but there was a moment in Eden when Eve was fallen and Adam was not, she had eaten, but he yet had a choice. I believe something took place in his heart that went like this: I have lost my ezer kenedgo, my soul mate, my most vital companion I’ve known. I do not know what life will be like, but I know I cannot live without her.
Adam chose Eve over God.

If you think I exaggerate, simply look around. Look at all the art, poetry, music, drama, devoted to the beautiful woman. Listen to the language men use to describe her. Watch the powerful obsession at work. What else can this be but worship?  Men come into the world without the God who was our deepest joy, our ecstasy. Aching for we know not what, we meet Eve’s daughters and we are history! She is the closest thing we’ve ever encountered, the pinnacle of creation, the very embodiment of God’s beauty and mystery and tenderness and allure. And what goes out to her is not just our longing for Eve, but our longing for God as well. A man without his true love, his life, his God, will find another. What better substitute than Eve’s daughters? Nothing else in creation even comes close…”

This is an excerpt from “Wild at Heart” a book by John Eldredge that should be read by every man, every wife, and every mother of a boy. This book is so powerful in helping everyone discover the secret of a man’s soul, while being easy to understand because Eldredge paints such a clear picture of many examples and how we can all grow thru understanding how we truly are in a deeper sense.

I’m sure many have asked the question: “Where have all the real men gone?” 
We have this vision for this revolution of men becoming truly masculine again, commitment being sacred, and men and women living in better harmony, rather than the current culture we see as the status quo.

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We all are going to end up somewhere, we encourage you to do the little things that will lead you to where you want to be on PURPOSE!


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