Show You, Your Strength Daily

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”
-Mother Teresa

It’s possible that you can can think of many things you do, as victories.

You’re alive!

Albert Einstein made the statement

                  “You can view everything as a miracle, or nothing as a miracle.”
What are the small things you can be faithful in or positive habits that you can create, that will help you develop even more personal strength? What are some habits that you can let go of? Some things to think over and make a list of – here are some possible suggestions:
  • Can you pray for a few moments or more today?
  • Can you read a few lines or more in the Bible today?
  • Can you spend an hour, uninterrupted with your spouse and or children?
  • Can you call an old friend today?
  • Can you refrain from eating that junk food?
  • Can you do a 60 second plank right now?
  • Can you pick up a good book for 15 minutes today?
  • Can you choose to turn the tv off, log off facebook, put your phone down?

What else can you think of?
Write out your list of things you can do to make habits that will lead to better results.

We all are going to end up somewhere, we encourage you to do the little things that will lead you to where you want to be on PURPOSE!


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